Saturday, 26 October 2013

Happy Birthday Coco!

Happy birthday to Coco - she's now 6 months old! I can't believe it, time seems to have gone by so quickly. She has certainly made her mark on my family and I hope she will continue to bring us many memories for the many years to come.

I still love carrying my food measuring cup around!

I sometimes forget that Coco is growing up - due to her small size I tend to treat her as a little puppy. She still is a puppy, but my attitude towards her will definitely need changing over the next six months and beyond - she's growing up and is on her way to knowing what is right and wrong. It is also important that I try and stamp out her issues with walking on her leash now now rather than later - it can be more difficult to train her when she's older.

Hobbies include: sleeping, eating, playing and stealing food cups/containers

The vet has called and informed us that Coco is ready to be desexed. We have all our pets desexed as soon as possible when the vet checks our pets and informs us that they are ready with the procedure. This draws from our experience with BB - we had her before Tiger, Charlie and Coco. 

BB the Cat

Before reaching the minimum 6 month age required for the desexing procedure, the breeding season arrived earlier than usual. Due to this, she was on heat and she seemed to be in pain. She could not walk straight and could not do much at all. I remember her walking crazily and then suddenly fell into our pool. We took her to the vet and the vet recommended an early desexing procedure and once she had undergone the procedure, she made a full recovery.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Walking One Dog At a Time

Usually, my sister and I will take Charlie and Coco for their walks. However, if my sister is busy, I can only take one dog for a walk at a time. I tried taking both of them for a walk but it was unsuccessful since Charlie walks quickly and Coco, being a small dog, does not walk as fast as Charlie. Additionally, Coco does not seem to enjoy being walked. She's independent, so she does not like being on a leash. She'll happily walk if I'm not holding on the leash, but when you do hold it, she does struggle with you. At times, she needs to be carried because she simply will not walk / is too tired.

Coco, you need a leash to go with Charlie on his walk

Today was one of those days where I took Charlie for a walk as my sister was working. However, before I left there was some protest from Coco. She does want to follow Charlie for a walk, but when I try and place her in the leash, she runs away.

Please take me for a walk but not on a leash...

I am sure after a while Coco will enjoy walks on her leash. I'm not entirely sure what to do if she does not come to like it since Charlie has always enjoyed walking - it was so natural to him. He always becomes excited when someone says 'walk' - so my family does avoid saying 'walk' in case we give Charlie false hope.

Have you dealt with a puppy/dog who doesn't like being walked on a leash? Do share your experiences in the comments section.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Lazy Spring Days

Spring has definitely arrived, with today being a sunny Thursday Perth day with a maximum temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. The winter that has passed was filled with many storms and rainy days so it is such a good change to see the temperature become warmer.

The cats love lying around in the heat (lucky kitties!)

Here's Charlie and Coco playing around in the pool area and checking out our (dying) lemon grass plant.

Coco and Lemongrass Plant

Our cats Tiger and BB love smelling and chewing on this plant from time to time so the lemon grass is looking a little worse for wear (and needs watering). Apparently, natural lemon grass has a catnip-like effect on cats! However BB and Tiger do not have much of a reaction to catnip and I have not noticed any behaviour changes in the cats after nibbling on the lemon grass. (Note: lemon grass essential oil is toxic for cats so keep that stuff away! Source: The Nest)

The warmer weather means no more excuses for taking Charlie and Coco on walks! When the seaweed starts washing off the dog beach, I'm excited to take Coco on her first beach adventure.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Goal of Tiger the Cat: Sit/Sleep on Anything

Most comfortable notebook ever?

I am not sure what is it that influences Tiger to sit on everything and anything possible - ranging from tables, printers, laptops, pieces of paper and books. If you have an entire room which has carpet flooring, and there was one A4 sized paper in the middle of the room, she would most likely sit on that piece of paper. I do not think a thin A4 sized paper could provide much comfort but hey, she's weird like that.

Sitting on laptop covers, printers, laptops, shelves and paper

Sitting on laptops would make sense since it is warm, but unfortunately that can't be good for my laptop.

Does your cat sit/sleep in weird places? Tiger can't be the only one!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Meet BB and Tiger

Yesterday I introduced you to my Pomeranians Charlie and Coco, and today I will introduce you to my two cats.

BB and a young Tiger sleeping together

Meet BB: she was a stray street kitten who came wondering into our front garden with another stray in early 2010. My sister gave both kittens pieces of bread - and she noticed that BB would tend to eat all the 'big bits' of bread, hence she was given the nickname 'BB'. As the other kitten was left with all the small bits of bread, she was nicknamed 'SB'. As night fell, SB had ran off but BB was still hanging around in our front garden, and we decided to adopt her if no one came to claim her.

BB primarily enjoys being outdoors and will not be happy if you try and lock her in the house for long periods of time. She's every bit a street cat - she enjoys hunting (and she's good at it), being outside, and going on long adventures. She is independent and does not like strangers at all - she'll run and hide when I have guests over.

Next up is Tiger the Tabby cat. She was born on a farm in 2011 as part of a large litter but the owners were going to put them down as they did not have the time and resources to take care of them. Tiger stole my sister's heart and hence she adopted her.

Tiger when she was still a kitten

Tiger is quite different from BB. Tiger does not hunt and is much more sociable with people in comparison to BB. She is playful and loves playing with lasers and strings, and becomes excited quite easily. She is noisy and will definitely let you know at 4am in the morning that she's hungry.

It took a couple of weeks for BB to finally accept Tiger as part of the family when we first adopted Tiger. BB absolutely refused to be in near proximity to Tiger initially but now they get along well.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Meet Charlie & Coco

First playful exchange between Charlie and Coco

Meet Charlie: he's a handsome one year old Pomeranian who is very friendly, playful and cheeky. When you're not watching, he'll jump onto the table and search for food and snatch it away. He knows that this is not a good idea, but he is still being caught in the act, with plenty of evidence lying around! He is the guard dog of the family: if you knock on the door, or shut your door a little too loudly, he'll start barking like there's no tomorrow. He is responsible for the constant bags under my eyes as he tends to bark early in the morning.

Charlie when he was still a young puppy - but still as mischievous then ever
While Charlie is very cheeky, he always needs to be in close proximity to humans. He does tend to become nervous and have panic attacks when he is left alone, even when he is left outside in the backyard for a short period of time. 

Up next is Coco, who is five months old. She's the opposite of Charlie: she's independent, strong-willed, and not as friendly and sociable as Charlie. While Charlie will bark when strangers knock on our door, he will usually stop barking once he sees the strangers and becomes quite friendly. On the other hand, Coco will continuously bark at the stranger and will generally not approach them. 

Mommy, I'm scared!

Coco does like exploring on her own in my backyard and seems to enjoy time to herself. She has a strange tendency to rip out bits of Charlie's fur and hair from humans. She is certainly the dominant one out of the two despite her small size.

To conclude, that was an introduction to my hyperactive duo of Pomeranians Charlie and Coco. There will certainly be plenty of photos and posts about them in the future. Soon I will have to do an introduction to my two grumpy cats, Tiger and BB.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Having Courage

Today, stop making excuses and set a plan of action in order to achieve your dreams. Lately I have been making excuses to myself with regards to becoming better at photography as well as starting this blog. A few pointers to help you (and of course myself!) set your plan of action:
  • Set SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound goals. Ensure that you evaluate and re-evaluate from time to time, to ensure you are kept motivated and that you do not forget about your goals. Pin this image to your Pinterest motivation board!
  • What is stopping you? I suggest writing down what is stopping you, and write how you need to overcome this hurdle. When you have passed this hurdle, rip that sheet up! 
  • Take little steps! You may not see results today, tomorrow, or even in a few months, but all these little steps will equal into large changes over time.

I'll end this post with another quote which I found relevant:

"If you don't build your own dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs."
      - Tony Gaskins Jr.